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Merkel calls the international community for climate protection

Prepared by: Gehad Almasry

German chancellor Angela Merkel

German chancellor Angela Merkel asks the international community to be better together and moving toward on climate protection. She met the students at Huazhong university in Wuhan city in east China at Saturday. Merkel told the students that everyone is responsible for and caused the climate change and the role of everyone to take care of it.

Merkel said that Germany is seeking to achieve climate neutrality by the coming of 2050. She explained that because of the size and strength of China’s economy and the international community depends on China providing an important contribution in that regard.

She said that “there are common rules indispensable in light of globalization” protectionism hurts us all in the end. As well as she stressed the need for a policy that takes into regard both national and international interests.

Merkel added that China has the responsibility for human rights and the rule of law, as today China is one of the most influential countries in international politics. Merkel Confirmed that China is a successful example for multilateral trading system and millions of people have found their way out of poverty in China.

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