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Diet in a week and fast slimming without diet

Many women suffer from obesity, and strive to lose weight in various ways, so we made sure in this article to provide you to “diet in a week”, makes you lose 5 to 7 kilograms a week, and Madam to follow “diet in a week” will lose weight in Twig weeks.

This diet is cruel, but it is one of the most successful types of dieting because it makes you control the amount of food you have, and you have a will.Following the “diet in a week” that we offer you through our article makes you feel excellent results after the end of a week of followers.

Causes of weight gain

  • Eat more than three basic meals, which works to gain weight.
  • Not much movement, and only simple movements within the house.
  • Not enough calories, the amount of calories you eat more than the amount of calories made in the movement.
  • Do not drink too much water, which serves to store fat, because of the rubbing digest food.

Important Weight Loss Tips

  • Dawami to walk at least half an hour a day.
  • Use the stairs while going up and down from the house instead of using an electric elevator This works to lose weight.

The “diet in a week” is one of the systems that led to excellent and positive results, because the food found in the “diet in a week” is rich in vitamins and minerals, necessary for all organs of the body to play its role, as well as healthy meals.

Important precautions should be taken before following “diet in a week”

Drink 8 cups of water a day.

  • Avoid soft drinks, they negatively affect the diet.

-You can have coffee, or tea, but without sugar.

  • Avoid taking sweets seriously.
  • It is allowed to eat lettuce, and cucumber in any amounts between meals, if you feel hungry.
  • It is preferable to eat herbs to help prevent constipation.
  • Must during the diet and then eat food slowly and this is the most appropriate solution to satiety quickly.
  • Yogurt should be used by diet without fat, sugar, and be reliable.
  • You should do some exercise on a daily basis at least half an hour, and a lot of movement, because a lot of movement works to burn a large amount of calories.
  • Add lemon to salads and chicken to reduce weight gain.

-You can eat watermelon slices to lose weight.

A very important remark

People with diabetes, heart, or pressure should consult a doctor before following a “diet in a week” because it is severe.

First breakfast

Breakfast is fixed on all days of the week and is ..
Take a cucumber, two eggs and 50 to 100 grams of mortadella.

What to eat on the first day


A large dish of vegetable salad, but without adding tomatoes because it contains a lot of salts to keep the body fluids,

Salad is also without carrots because it contains calories to fight dieting.


Eat a piece of grilled meat with a little salt, and eat yogurt as well.

What to eat on the second day


Eat a piece of boiled chicken, or grilled at your convenience, provided that it is without skin, and also a cup of yogurt added mechanism spoon of ground flaxseed.

  • Dinner

Eat a large bowl of cucumber, sliced ​​pepper, cabbage, a glass of parsley and lettuce.

What is eaten on the third day

Eat 80 grams of any kind of skim cheese, fat-free, so as not to work on weight gain.


Eat boiled or grilled chicken breast, one cup of minced meat.

What is eaten on the fourth day
A piece of chicken, or grilled fish, with two kiwi fruits.


Eat a yogurt tray with a tablespoon of ground flaxseed, and eat half a cup of dehydrated tuna to give good results in weight loss.

What is eaten on the fifth day
Eat a large dish of boiled vegetables, very little salt, and it is advisable without salt completely.


Eat a can of tuna washed with water, without oil, or can be replaced with shrimp or fish. Also eat a salad dish with a cup of skimmed milk and without sugar.

What is eaten on the sixth day
Eat boiled, grilled, skinless chicken breast with a large vegetable salad dish, plus a tablespoon of ground flax seed.


Eat a shawarma dish with salad.

What is eaten on the seventh day


Eat skinless grilled chicken breast, with a vegetable salad dish, with a glass of skimmed milk, and without sugar.

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