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Bedtime tips for healthy and supple skin

Bedtime tips- sleep is not limited to your children, skin help them focus and do their homework.

You also need a healthy and quiet sleep after a long work day to maintain your beauty,

which is one of the most successful and least expensive treatments for the skin.

We offer you dear women a set of tips through which we try to highlight the importance of sleep and its impact on your beauty and freshness of your skin.
Skin freshness and clarity

Sleeping in sufficient quantities helps in the purity of the skin and works to get rid of stress and fatigue that may lead to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

A study conducted by some college students showed that pimples and most skin problems increase during the exam period when students are exposed to stress.

Also, staying up at night and not getting enough sleep affects the freshness and vitality of the skin, and the skin appears pale and full of stains.

Sleep helps blood flow through the skin.
Rapid healing of wounds

Healthy sleep affects the activity of most body systems.

During sleep hours, skin cells automatically regenerate themselves and treat any damage and healing of wounds.

This is why the skin tends to revive its pinkishness when waking up after sleeping long enough.
 Get shiny and shiny eyes

Sleep cures dark circles, which cause dark and pale skin,

which increase when you don’t get enough sleep. To conceal dark circles, apply a light layer of eye cream as a foundation and massage it lightly and then put one drop of concealer with two points of the shadow of the eyelids lighter color of your skin color.
Improve your mood

Adequate sleep certainly activates all body functions. This affects not only your mood and emotions,

but also your interactions with those around you, your family, friends and colleagues.

Some researchers in Sweden have done research on a group of volunteers.

They asked some of them to look at pictures of tired people who did not sleep well. Others looked at images of happy, healthy people. The result was that both groups were affected by the psychological and physical condition of people who looked at their images.

Avoid swelling under the eyes

The bottom of the eye is often swollen when you wake up due to fluid accumulation, as a result of the wrong sleeping position and not raising the head during sleep,

which pulls the fluids down and collects in this area. Therefore it is highly recommended to raise the head during sleep by two pillows.

To treat such cases, a piece of cloth dampened with cold water is applied over this area for a minute in the morning.
Some tips to follow before bed:

 Avoid salty foods during the night

If you prefer snacking at night, you can eat fruits or vegetables instead of salted snacks that swell the face in the morning. This occurs because foods with a high salt content store fluids inside the body, causing the skin to swell.
Take care to drink water

Some drinks and juices may be delicious before bedtime. But it may not protect the skin from dryness and may cause pores to expand. So it has to be replaced with water during the night.

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